Our Mission

Our communities need more alternative healthcare options and enriching educational content to serve those in need. Our mission is to provide affordable treatment and classes to promote self-empowerment.

Believe in Yourself, You Have the Power to Heal!

Nearly 45% of older adults take over-the-counter medication daily or weekly to treat common ailments. An estimate of 16 million people in the United States use painkillers, 5 millon take sleep aids and 18 million rely on some form of antidepressants. Unfortunately, the behavior only masks the root cause further, making it even more difficult for the patients to heal naturally.

The good news is that holistic treatment can help. The challenge, however, is connecting the general public with the education and the treatment they need. Families often find it difficult to find and pay for qualified professionals, let alone getting the proper self-care knowledge to help them make an informed decision. Even with insurance, it is difficult for an individual to receive continuous treatment.

ECO Can Help

We are a nonprofit agency that partners with schools, community groups and local hospitals to provide professional integrative medical services to the general public. Our doctors, therapists and support staff are compassionate and extremely competent. Our community clinic services are provided on a sliding scale to families. For qualified organizations, there are no cost, transportation, or insurance barriers to prevent families from getting the help they need. During our first year, we have helped nearly 200 families regain confidence in their body and many of them have become strong supporters of ECO’s philosophy. Finding the right community to deliver our service model is absolutely the key.

By empowering individuals to focus on self-healing techniques, we give them a chance to experience life drug-free. The educational opportunities also ensure that the ECO philosophy can be passed on to more communities that we are able to reach currently.

As an innovative nonprofit agency, we are both ambitious and pragmatic. Our mission is to teach life-changing principles to reach self-empowerment and make holistic treatments accessible to all. We envision a world where everyone gets the education and the treatment they need to practice self-healing. At the same time, we understand that creating such a utopia will take a serious commitment from our partners, financial support from our communities, and tireless work by our staff day in and day out.

Board Members

Dr. Harry Ding
President and Principal Practitioner

Linda Zhang

Yanan Meng

Ken Chang