Simple, Professional and Interactive

ECO’s health promoting workshops provide learners with knowledge and awareness to take control over their health and well-being, and help them to discover the impact they may have on others in the community. Classes are interactive and in an easy to understand format.

Work Healthy, Work Safety

  • Promote safe and healthy habits on the job and at home

  • Identify physical demands your job has on your body

  • Learn tips to reduce eye stress, headaches, shoulder pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, etc.

  • Optional: individual health scan and ergonomic assessment

Stress Relief and Energizer

  • Manage stress and minimize negative effects it has on your body

  • Learn how to engage your body to live optimally

  • Optional: individual health scan and acupressure/ acupuncture treatment combo

Intro to Chinese Herbal Kitchen Foods

  • Learn about the inherent nature of the food you eat and how to eat for your unique constitution

  • Discover how nutrients and our digestive function are the root to our health and wellness

  • Take home useful cooking recipes to feel for yourself!

Acupuncture Review Classes

  • 100% passing rate!

  • Small group instruction 4-8 students

  • Onsite, virtual and hybrid classes available